Using AutoResponder Plus Niche Review Site = Goldmine

Published: 18th August 2009
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In internet marketing of Niche Products it's a proven fact that the more someone is exposed to a product the more likely they are to buy it. In fact, very rarely does someone buy a product when they are first exposed to it. It usually takes about 6-7 times on average for a prospect to buy. You add the fact that a niche review site typically converts at 6% where a traditional website may convert at 1% if it is really good, you add niche specific keyword research and marketing campaigns plus an auto responder and you just hit the jackpot in the internet marketing world!

Using an email capture on your niche product website and having an autoresponder series is necessary if you want to increase your sales conversion rate.

A visitor to your site is most likely going to keep browsing other sites too. You want to try and make sure that you can at least capture their name and email before they go to another site. This way you can stay in touch with them.

That way when they receive your autoresponder messages about your niche product or direct them to another one of your Niche Product Reviews, if you give them more helpful, quality, information, they will come to know you. More importantly, they will start to realize they can trust you. As long as you give them good information.

Can I Ask you A Question?

If you don't currently have an email capture and autoresponder series for your niche site, why don't you? Is it because you don't know how to write an autoresponder series? Is it because you don't have the money to pay someone to write an autoresponder series for you?

Did You Answer "Yes?"

If you answered yes to the above, then using a pre-built Niche Review Template will solve your problems!

You can get 2 monthly niche review templates with an already built in name and email capture box. You just have to add your autoresponder code to it. Additionally, you also get 7 already prepared, professionally written autoresponder messages for each Product Niche Review site.

This is very important, as it will without doubt-- help you to build a profitable niche product list and your sales.


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