RollerMouse PRO Review: Best Alternate Computer Mouse

Published: 20th August 2009
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Contour's RollerMouse PRO is considered the best alternate solution to the computer mouse ergonomic debacle. I want to describe the RollerMouse PRO, the theoretical latest and greatest ergonomic computer mouse, then I'll present features, benefits, comparison of the Contour RollerMouse PRO vs. the original RollerMouse Classic. If you already have computer-related pain, you must read on!

The Contour RollerMouse PRO design provides a unique alternate input device option that eliminates the computer mouse because the scrolling function is built into the keyboard platform. The Contour RollerMouse PRO is an excellent solution to ergonomic problems resulting from improper placement of the computer mouse.

The RollerMouse PRO is a new upgrade from the original Contour RollerMouse Classic, this product review focuses on the RollerMouse PRO, but the benefits and features cover both in the RollerMouse series and the upgrades of the RollerMouse PRO are listed below.

How does the RollerMouse PRO Work?

The unique and brilliant idea behind the RollerMouse Classic and RollerMouse PRO is to finally provide a solution to the awkward stretch of the arm, and hand that is required for using a computer mouse. This repositioning of the mouse click and navigation functions within the keyboard platform is what helps reduce muscular pain and injury that is often times associated with repetitive use, awkward postures and does potentially increase your productivity by allowing you to keep your typing position as you control your cursor.

The Contour RollerMouse Classic and now the RollerMouse PRO input devices are designed for effortless control of the cursor. The Contour RollerMouse Classic and RollerMouse PRO are designed to reduce or eliminate the need for a mouse by offering a roller bar and set of buttons below the keyboard to navigate and click with a cursor.

The RollerMouse PRO fits underneath your keyboard so that it completely eliminates the traditional computer mouse. This is particularly important if you have a small desk, have pain in your body, arm, or wrist/hand with using the traditional computer mouse or if you have to place your mouse at a different level or surface than that of your computer keyboard and therefore experience an awkward reach.

Features of RollerMouse PRO:

The mouse cursor control is provided with optical technology. It has sliding roller bar and provides smooth spinning. The RollerMouse Classic and RollerMouse PRO significantly improve the ergonomic positioning of the body of the computer user by maintaining the traditional typing posture. The RollerMouse series, both the Classic and the RollerMouse PRO have been shown to reduce computer-related pain and injury of the shoulder, elbow, neck, wrist and hand by keeping hands in optimal work zone.

Additionally, the RollerMouse PRO offers programmable buttons are provided for repetitive tasks such as double clicking and drag lock. The centered scroll wheel is provided for ambidextrous use of scrolling wheel allowing variable right and left-hand use for scrolling tasks. Additionally, PS2 and USB connectivity for various systems and the PS2 port is provided on right side to allow alternate use of another computer mouse if required.

Benefits of RollerMouse PRO:

The Contour RollerMouse PRO significantly reduce postural strain and fatigue on the computer-users elbow, shoulder, neck, wrist and hand. For any computer-user suffering from computer-related injury or pain conditions-this product comes highly recommended.

Because the RollerMouse PRO allows the controlling of the computer mouse click, drag and navigation functions to now performed with your hands remaining at keyboard, your hands can be kept in optimal reach zone, which is why you will feel more comfortable, have less pain and may also increase your productivity. The RollerMouse PRO reduces the muscular discomfort of your shoulder, neck, elbow, hands and wrist so that it improves your ease of work and increased your productivity.

Upgrade of RollerMouse PRO over RollerMouse Classic:

In addition to all the benefits and features of the classic Contour RollerMouse Classic the RollerMouse PRO offers some more benefits including:

*New RollerMouse PRO for Effortless Control of the Cursor is 67% Longer than the "Classic" Contour RollerMouse.

*Additionally, in the RollerMouse PRO, two more buttons are provided to extend versatility and flexibility - this input device function includes "Drag Lock" and "Double Click" functionality.

To Read More About the RollerMouse PRO or RollerMouse Classic features & Benefits, Simply click this link here:

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