Laptop Computer Ergonomics: Laptop Ergonomic Health Concerns

Published: 20th August 2009
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Why is Laptop Computer Ergonomics so Important?

As the trend of remote office environments continues to grow, so does the use of laptop computers. The laptop computer does provide lightweight and portable computer access to allow the user unlimited flexibility. However, this luxury does not come without adverse effects.

The laptop computer keyboard is an ergonomic debacle. The laptop keyboard is concentrated on a single flat plane thus eliminating the ability to separate, tilt, tent or replace the position of the individual keys and keypads. There is virtually no adjustability to improve the positions of the shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands. However there are some guidelines to use that will promote proper laptop ergonomics and laptop computer user safety and comfort:

Another reason why is Laptop Computer Ergonomics so Important:
In this day and age many people use their computer laptop as their primary computer, so it's important to have it set-up ergonomically-correct in order to avoid back pain, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal injuries or strains. The problem is that laptop computers are designed with portability in mind rather than sound ergonomic principles.

Basically, if the screen is at the right height then the laptop keyboard is too high, and if the laptop keyboard is in the right position, then the screen is too close and too low. And laptop touchpads and trackballs are never very user friendly causing excessive motions and error rates.

Given these ergonomics challenges with the laptop computer, here are several simple ergonomics and laptop computer posture tips to optimize your laptop computer set-up, these laptop ergonomics / computer posture tips are focused on promoting neutral joint postures to reduce muscle strain and wear and tear.

For more information on laptop computer ergonomics and to get FREE laptop computer ergononmics guide:

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